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  • Bio Lubricants

    Use : Automobiles

    Certification : ISI Certified

    Shelf Life : 1 Year

    Color : Brown

    Purity : 99.9%

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    Bio Lubricants

  • Road Binder
    Road Binder is a unique water dispersion of vinylic resins supplied as a viscous liquid. It is diluted into water carts and sprayed onto or blended into roads, airstrips and hardstand areas etc where watering programs cannot be implemented to control dust emissions. Physically binds particles

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    Road Binder

  • RT20 Dynamic Liquid Dispersant
    RT20 DYNAMIC is a liquid soluble, environmentally safe additive that enables soil and gravels to attain a much higher density and strength than could be attained in natural materials for road construction.RT20 DYNAMIC enables the treated material to be compacted faster using less water, improving

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    RT20 Dynamic Liquid Dispersant

  • Heavy Water Dynamic Dust Suppressant
    Heavy Water Dynamic (HWD)  - Has been developed by RST as a multi-purpose micro polymer additive for water carts and spray system – when applied on unsealed ground maximises water penetration and binds all fien particles to greatly improve dust control.Why use heavy water dynamic? Quick

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    Heavy Water Dynamic Dust Suppressant

  • RT5 Superskin Stockpile & Exposed Ground Crusting Agent
    We are capable of meeting bulk or urgent requirements effortlessly due to our latest inventory management system and automated management. By this, the stocks are piled up safely to ensure delivery without loss. Fret not! We are here to help you out with the payment procedures. Be it online or

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    RT5 Superskin Stockpile & Exposed Ground Crusting Agent

  • Boggie Cleaner

    Usage : It is easy to use .

    Colourless : Bio Degadable

    Economical : Economy of use.

    Concentrated : 10:100 ( CRC Eco Complex Blue: Water)

    Biogradable : Safe for nature

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    Boggie Cleaner